Friday, January 4, 2019

Flax Weaving

I wouldn't like to try flax weaving because it is not my sort of style, if I started to do it it would get boring after a while.

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  1. Hi Sam!

    It's okay you wouldn't want to give flax weaving a go, I can understand that it could get very frustrating and fiddly!
    Have you tried it at all before?

    What kind of activities are more your style?
    Are there any there any other crafty things you like to do?
    I quite like doing crafty things that make me have to problem solve...I started to teach myself how to macrame two years ago and that reminds me of flax weaving a little bit! Lots of problem solving :)

    Thank you for sharing Sam!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)


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