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My Bad Day

My Bad Day

On a fine sunny day I was flying around for some delicious lunch when these crazy big animals running around on their ginormous fat little things with their un-clawed round feet attached to. Well they ran across this enormous green patch which I decided to land on. Once I landed to grab my food they came charging towards me...

I tried desperately to take off before he reached me but I couldn’t without leaving the food, I decided to take off and land to grab the food after they had all gone past, disaster! I was to late and he grabbed onto my legs and it they slipped down to my feet. I flapped with all my energy and eventually I was pulled to the ground with force.

I was then treated badly and brought to this enormous wooden nest that had these weird holes with some more even bigger monsters in it. I yelled my head off telling them to let me go, but they seemed to just shrug their enormous things that there featherless smooth wings were attached to. They seemed to just grab me tighter. Suddenly the end of one of their wings came swinging towards me and in a second, everything went black.

When light came back to me, everything was a big blur. The first thing that I could see well made stiffen with fright, It was this enormous monster!! I tried to fly up and head for the great big hole in the side of the nest, Bang! Everything started to go blurry again and I fell to the ground with a thud. My last thought before everything went black again was, please put an end to this nightmare.

Freedom I saw a hole and the end of a wing with these things stretching out grab me. I dodged and made a break before turning around and making my way to the hole in the side of the nest. As I was heading their something grabbed onto my tail feathers and yanked me backward. I yelled my head off and they eventually made their grip loosen but as I was flapping my heart out and one of my beautiful tail feathers didn’t come with me while I was nearly their I narrowed my eyes, and…

Bang! Everything went black in an instant. Finally I stirred and everything I could see was oddly clear. I was now on a plain green section with green all around me with  a couple of brown sticks with another one joining them together, there was nothing on it apart from those things on either side of me. I realized I had been set free from the super mean monsters in the enormous nest behind me. Suddenly a yell and a scream from behind me then an angry person grunting.

I turned to see what was happening and heard some people giggling to my back. I found a wonderful juicy carcass under the brown sticks. I flew over to it to collect it and fly back to my family for some dinner. I lived well apart from a jingly shiny thing around my leg which I feel was annoying as whenever I left the area of the place I lived to collect food in the nearby paddocks everything went black for quite a long time.

The End

The End Of The World

End Of The World

Once upon a time there was a old killer clown who had a son called Scary and he was old enough to move away from his father but he said he had to stay with him so he could mow the lawns for him because he was very lazy. Scary said to himself, I need to kill my father so I don’t have to mow the lawns every second weekend but his dad had already told him he had to mow the lawns as well as trim the hedge as well as go to the wood to cut some firewood for winter. He has to make it in three days so he asked if he could do it on the Sunday instead of Saturday so he had another day to work on his new robot.

By the morning of the next day he had plenty of pieces to make a robot with. He had 10 Chainsaw 5 Saws 100 Butcher Knives 50 Scissors 30 Sets Of Fifty Steak Knives 1000 Forks That Are Sharper Than Five Steak Knives And 3 Brand New Computers. Scary was getting ready to put all of his pieces together and then his terminator will be complete. He was told to come inside with his father because it was lunch time and he had to get told that he needed to make sure the lawn mower was ready for mowing the lawns the next day. He was told to work on it until dinner time and he would have to go straight to bed afterwards so he couldn’t finish his robot sadly.

So when his dad was in bed he climbed out of the window and ran for the garage to continue on the robot. His dad wasn’t quite asleep yet and he heard the noise and asked, Scary what are you doing. I am upgrading the lawnmower so I can do some of your jobs as well. Ok thank you for that I will just have a sleep in then. So Scary just kept on welding and experimenting all night until finally at about 6:00 in the morning He rolled it out very early and set it to cut the lawns. Then when it had finished the lawns he set to cut the hedge and go to the wood to cut 50 trees to last them for two or three years more. So he wouldn’t need to go to the wood for a long time but anyway, his dad would be dead so he wouldn’t need to go again unless he told the robot to go to the wood to get firewood again. It’s blender body flipped around and the blending part dropped down on a piece of string and it started to zip across the lawn if as it had been a lawn mower with someone pushing it instead of a robot.

The robot cut in perfect lines and when it had finished it went straight for the hedge and it cut it perfectly lines and then went straight for the wood and cut down 300 trees instead of going to cut down 50 but it cut branches off 10 trees and held them with its 5000 super strong claws and flew back to their house and dropped it with it biggest claw attached to it’s bottom. When it needs it it just grows out of a hole in its backside so it could carry bigger heavier things. It dropped everything on a big crate and went straight for the big city a couple of kilometres away. It saw some bikers and through some sticks into their bicycle wheels. They went flying over the handlebars and hit the steak knives of the robot. The robot kept on it’s course and then when it got to the city it went and as it was moving it was sharpening it sticks and killing everyone as well it also was sharpening it with it’s claws. It found a round heavy thing and it put something else that could fit it into the round tube and it used one of it spare claws to push it out at a huge bunch of people and it flattened them all and they all died.

Eventually he killed everyone and it went straight to the old killer clowns room and murdered him and went and landed in the garage so he could get his batteries replaced. When his batteries were replaced he waited for Scary to leave and then set his timer inside one of his computer heads for five minutes and as Scary was replacing his batteries he put a tracker in his body so he knew where he was so he could track him in and kill him. When the timer was up he went to where the tracker said Scary was and pulled one of his knives out of his body with one of his super strong claws and stabbed him and he died immediately.When Scary was dead he began dancing. As he was dancing the low battery warning went off but he ignored it and carried on dancing. The 1 percent warning went off but he didn’t seem to see it and when he ran out of battery he fell to the earth and it was the end of the robot and the world because it blew up. Some aliens on mars sow the explosion and thought a meteorite hit the earth and it was the end of the world. But when the explosion had disappeared they saw there was no more Earth.

By Sam


Clip 'N' Climb

Clip ‘N’ Climb

On April 26th It was a nice day for doing some rock climbing. We rolled up behind Clip ‘N’ Climb and walked round the front. Once inside we had a quick look around before walking right up to the counter where a lady was sitting. She said hello then asked if we had booked for it we replied with a no. she brang out a calculator and added up some numbers. When she revealed it it said 33. She said we were lucky because  there were 5 spots left.

We walked into a room and got introduced to somethings then we got hooked up with a harness. We climbed many but my favorite was probably the tree trunk because it was really high but I managed to get to the top. My least favourite that I did was probably the chimney because I got my feet on the first things, but I couldn’t go any higher! I scaled to the top of many but the award for the most challenging that I got to the top of would probably be the twister tower.

I saw a free climb which I wanted to try and  it was empty, I clipped up and climbed. My hands stung halfway up but I carried on. Finally I got to the top and yelled look out below, waited for a couple of seconds to give people the chance to get away. When I jumped I went faster than expected and then slowed. Alanna was waiting at the bottom to have a go. I saw it was called jungle vines. I warned Alanna Her hands would sting by the end of it but she didn’t listen.

She then turned away and did stairway to heaven. I waited in line for Alanna to finish. She made it about five steps then came down. I clipped up and then headed of. I was only two steps away it “collapsed” underneath me. I walked around after unclipping myself. I found Alanna unclipping herself from the Zig Zag. I clipped up Right before the man yelled, last climb! I was going to scale to the top of a zig zaggy amount of wood things to hold onto. It was called the zig zag and I scaled to the top quickly before yelling look out below and jumping down. After A fun afternoon we walked back to the car to head for the apartment.

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This is the front cover of Multiverse, it helps with your multiplication a lot because it is all about multiplication. to get to it you need to go to mathletics and then go into the new mathletics, after that you go into the play if you have no activities, then you go to the bottom and click on multiverse. Multiverse is great for all ages but it is a little too hard if you know all your times tables to ten. It has 30 different stages and good entertainment for all ages. You are working to kill all the space pirates but yet trying to become a master trader. There are Rifts, Asteroid Fields and Scrap Areas which there are three of each. There are also plenty of planets to build way-stations and trading-posts to build at planets.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

School Environment

Part One
The Peaceful Toilets

Smelly: The toilets are very stinky, as you can tell by walking past them. SThe toilets may not get flushed.The revolting smell will soon drift out and torture any bypassers. Some of the stuff that is supposed to go down may not quit go down all the way, so I would be careful. Anyone can smell it from a mile away if it has been in there since the morning the day before. Sometimes it could not get flushed for a week causing it to get packed with stink.
Part Two

The Wonderful Changing Rooms

Private: The changing rooms right beside the pool are very private ,because people will change just about every day in term one in there so it is lucky that there were two, one for Boys and one for Girls. There can be accidents in them but not very often for it has been made sure that in the changing rooms they are mostly accidental.
Part Three

The Practical Car Park

Unexciting: The car park is unexciting because of its dull area, after all it is only used for parking your car up and then driving away again with your child, Mostly.
Part Four

The Unseeable Back Area

Abandoned: The back area is abandoned, because it is never, ever used and most likely never seen. The back area is not often tended to because, no one really goes back there so it is really a bit coo-coo (crazy). I think that someone should go back there and try to make it look more reasonable.
Part Five

The Freezing GreenHouse

Warm: The greenhouse is very warm because of the material that it is made of and the amount of area inside. The size of the openings that it has. It is also very practical for the growing plants that they get enough heat.


Changing Rooms:

Car Park:

Back Area:


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Universal Robot Masters

S- Sand - P - Allows sculptures to be made and kids to play with - N - to stop it plants from getting destroyed by bush fires
R- Rock - P - To help enlarge the strength of us - N - To settle and give shade to young plants

H- Hose - P - To clean and give us fun - N - To help freshen growing plants

B- Bark - P - To help mark the ground for us to play in - N - To cover and help the surrounding area of new growing plants but to still able light to seep through to the seedling
W- Water - P - It help you hydrate yourself and keep you alive - N - It helps grow the nutrition in the soil which will the roots will collect and they will help grow

D - Deck - P - To walk And relax on - N - To give shade to growing plants

G- Grass - P - It Allows us to Relax and lie down outside and have a comforting short time - N - It will cover lots of flat empty plains and make a more scenic area

L- Leaves - P - They will give more colour to our life - N - It transfers sugar (canes) to the rest of the plant to help enlarge it

F - Flax - P - To give our lives a slight twist of beautifulness - N - To stop erosion getting to the creeks

T- Twig - P - To Give Strength to are thighs and arms by snapping ones that have fallen off trees - N - to support leaves

Z- Zebra - P - To admire in zoos and eat for beautiful food - N - To eat and refreshen all the old grass and make patches for new fresh grass to grow
Y- Yoghurt - P - To give food to hungry mouths - N - To give nutrients to the soil

E- Eye - P -  It allows you to see all of the area around you so you can experience new things - N - To notice unhealthy plants and help tend to them and look after
P- Panels - P -  To admire Newly made objects and paintings

V- Velcro - P - To help stick things together or on to walls with ease of taking
q- Quiet - P - To relax and be calmed on their own - N - to give plenty of calmness
for brand new quiet plants to grow

O- Office - P - To allow peace for working teaches - N - To give a cozy area for plants to get tended to
U- Umbrella - P - To protect us from the rain - N - To cover drowned plants
K- Keyboard - P - To allow us to write our own messages to friends quickly - N - To     
help get written out an explanation to help the environment quickly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          X- Xylophone - P - To have a relaxing process of song - N - To give a soft calm noise to growing plants
N- Nose - P - To able us to have the pleasant smells, and the yucky ones - N - to smell the pleasantness of the healthy plants

A- Apple - P - To eat and give a healthy taste to our mouths -N - to recycle the soil around the yucky stuff